Patient Stories


Recovering hearts. Saving lives.

How do those affected deal with their heart disease and how were they helped? Here you will find reports in which patients share their personal experiences.

Patients tell their stories


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Case reports of experiences with heart disease

Mother returns to her active lifestyle after surviving a heart attack

Today Ushas heart is fully recovered. She walks every day, meditates, and does Yoga. She lives an active and happy life with her family.

Father Enjoying Life with His Family After Heart Attack

Today, Yossef Grasyani has normal heart function. His quality of life and health condition have improved. He is back home and spends time with his wife and his three children.

Postman Returns to Work After Surviving Cardiac Arrest

Today, Yoshitsugi continues to deliver mail on a route that includes the University Hospital Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine where he often stops to thank the medical staff who saved his life.

Jan Malicky is Back to Gardening After Protected PCI Procedure

Today Jan enjoys gardening again and taking care of his rabbits and hens. He is back home and enjoys life with his wife.

Pavel is Back Home to His Family After a Protected PCI Procedure

Following a brief recovery period, Pavel’s quality of life has improved and he enjoys spending time with his wife and his dog.

Back to Playing Soccer After Surviving a Heart Attack

Erduan Shaqiri is 35 years old, with no previous illnesses. Arm pain during football training is one of the first symptoms of a large anterior wall infarction.

Young Japanese Mom Enjoying Life After Surviving Heart Failure

Today, Mikako is enjoying being a mom, working at a local bank, and looking forward to attending a soccer match with her family.

Andrzej Wolinski is Back to Cooking After a Protected PCI Procedure

Following a brief recovery period, Andrzej's quality of life has improved.

Enjoying Life and Playing Tennis Thanks to Impella® Heart Pump

Today Francois is back to playing tennis and biking with his native heart. 

Enjoying flights above Switzerland after heart attack

Because of the Impella® heart pump, Rolf is back at his favorite hobbies cooking, playing organ and taking a flight in the simulator.